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As the largest state and a world economic powerhouse, California industry and consumers generate vast quantities of scrap metal every single day, and millions of tons per year – including more than 1.5 million cars and other vehicles each year that have outlived their useful life.

The state’s 50-year-old metal-recycling industry safely processes the overwhelming share of this scrap metal, using a variety of safe and environmentally responsible technologies, including metal shredding and metal separation and removal techniques.

Without the metal-recycling industry, our cities, towns and countryside would be overwhelmed with metal cast-offs. This would be a particularly telling problem in low-income and minority neighborhoods, which already endure more than their share of unwanted items and cast-offs. And if metal-recycling facilities were unable to operate in a sustainable manner, achievement of the state’s environmental and recycling goals also would be severely compromised.

The Case for Metal Recycling.
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Read what two former
Secretaries of the California
Environmental Protection Agency
have to say about this situation.

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Answers to your questions about metal recycling, and the critical role it plays in removing scrap metal from our streets, neighborhoods and communities.

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Announcement of a lawsuit against the state Department of Toxic Substances Control by the California Metal Recyclers Coalition.

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California Metal Recyclers
Coalition files suit against DTSC

Department of Toxic Substances Control action threatens metal shredding and recycling facilities, organization says. Read article
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